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For a free advisory brochure contact your nearest Police Station.

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It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. These alarms are relatively inexpensive and easy to operate.

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Never admit to a stranger over the telephone that your are alone in the house. Do not accept rides from strangers and always carry enough money for a cab ride home.

Woman wants real sex Saint George Island

Never leave bank notes, keys, cheque books or other valuables in coat pockets or on your desktop. Keep a 12oz. A 3oz. Always have a friend with you - use the buddy system. Note: An 'offensive weapon' is an article Saitn or adapted for use causing injury to the person, or intended for such use by the person having the article in his possession.

Woman wants real sex Saint George Island

Important Phone s. Indeed your failure to report an assault eex indirectly result in another person being assaulted in the future, or the assailant might attack his past victim s again.

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Never leave anything of value in plain view. Even though we now have a Stalking Act in Bermuda, the offence of intruding upon the privacy of a female remains on the statute books and is still used by the Police. Instead, say that you are unable to come to the phone. Should calls persist, record the dates and times Gekrge the calls and notify the Police.

If possible record the calls to play back to the Police.

If Assaulted There are no hard and fast rules on what you should or should not do, but depending upon the circumstances, you could try one or all of the following; Try to deter your would-be attacker by making plenty of noise. In the past women have used hairspray, perfume and even mouth spray to defend themselves. Hamilton, Smith's and St.

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Sant that it is secured and out of sight. Keep the actual cash you carry to a minimum and try to use cheques or credit cards when possible. The names and telephone s of the facilities offering counselling are listed below. I have a somewhat high profile job in the public so ill request a pic from you before I send one.

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Be wary of strangers who may be standing close by. This will allow for quick access and use sports models are also available for athletes. NEVER eave your handbag unattended in sx shopping cart, on a shop counter or on the floor by your feet.

Intruding Upon the Privacy Of A Female Any man who intrudes upon the privacy of a woman or girl in such a way as to be likely to alarm, insult or offend the woman or girl whose privacy he intrudes upon, is guilty of an offence under Bermuda law. Unless you or the victim require medical attention, wait for the Police to arrive or go directly to any Police Station.

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Do not rinse or bathe yourself or the victim sed a sexual attack, and do not change clothing - otherwise you might be destroying vital evidence necessary to the successful prosecution of the offender s. Note: Chemical mace and pepper spray are illegal in Bermuda and it would be an offence for you to use it to defend yourself, even if attacked.

Woman wants real sex Saint George Island

Don't forget to provide the officer with details about your home, such as whether it is a single or split level, and the colour of the outside walls and blinds. Generally attackers do not want to confront more than one person.

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Avoid setting patterns by altering times and routes whenever possible. DON'T take shortcuts through isolated areas. List only your last name and initials in the telephone directory and on your mailbox. The law permits you to use such force as is resonably necessary to make an effectual defence against an assault. Do not allow an attacker to take you to Siant location.

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If you are confronted by an intruder inside your home. Note: Cases of sexual assault involving women and girls are handled by Police officers who are specially trained in dealing with such offences. Don't leave your handbag on view in your cycle basket when you ride your bike. Do not leave outgoing messages on your answering machine stating that you are not home.

Instead, use your cellular phone or go to a neighbour's home and call the Police on

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