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Completely egocentric, unable to relate, empathize or identify, and filled with a Codard, pervasive, diffuse sexuality, the male is pyschically passive. Not completely convinced that he's a woman, highly insecure about being sufficiently female, he conforms compulsively to the man-made stereotype, ending up as nothing but a bundle of stilted mannerisms. Dropping out gives control to those few who don't drop out; dropping out is exactly what the establishment leaders want; it plays into the hands of the enemy; it strengthens the system instead of undermining it, since it is based entirely on the non-participating, passivity, apathy and non-involvement of the mass of women.

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Much biological and psychological data is suppressed, because it is proof of the male's gross inferiority to the female. In addition to engaging in the time-honored and classical wars and race riots, men are more and more either becoming fags or are obliterating themselves through drugs. Also, the problem of mental seking will Wonan be solved while the male maintains control, because first, men Woman seeking casual sex Coward a vested interest in it -- only females who have very few of their marbles will allow males the slightest bit of control over anything, and second, the male cannot admit to the role that fatherhood plays in causing mental illness.

We now have sperm banks. Going fast, act now! Trapped inside himself, emotionally isolated, unable to relate, the male has a horror of civilization, people, cities, situations requiring an ability to understand and relate to people. Being an incomplete female, the male spends his life attempting to complete himself, to become female.

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Let's talk about YOU. Why should we care what happens when we're dead? Use them for what? Desperately insecure, fearing his woman will leave him if she is exposed to other men or to anything remotely resembling life, the male seeks to isolate her from other men and from what little civilization there is, so he moves her out to the suburbs, a collection oCward self-absorbed couples and their.

Woman seeking casual sex Coward

It should be said, though, that the male has one glaring area of superiority over the female -- public relations. SCUM will forcibly relieve bus drivers, cab drivers and subway token sellers of their jobs and run buses and cabs and dispense free tokens to the public.

Being in the Men's Auxiliary is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for making SCUM's escape list; it's not enough to do good; to save their worthless asses men must also avoid evil. He is a half-dead, unresponsive lump, incapable of giving or receiving pleasure or happiness; consequently, he is at best an utter bore, an inoffensive seekng, since only wex capable of absorption in others can be charming. But females, unless very young or very sick, must be coerced or bribed into male company.

To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo. The effect of fathers, in sum, has been to corrode the world with maleness. I have no idea what, if any, changes were made to the text.

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When society consists of only the fully conscious the answer will be none. The male is docile and easily led, easily subjected to the domination of any female who cares to dominate him. What esx liberate women, therefore, from male control is the total elimination of the money-work system, not the attainment of economic equality with men within it.

A completely automated society can be accomplished very simply and quickly once there is a public demand for it.

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The male dares to be different to the degree that he accepts his passivity and his desire to be female, his fagginess. Isolation, Suburbs, and Prevention of Community: Our society is not a community, but merely a collection of isolated family units. The females will kindly, obligingly consent to this, as it won't hurt them in the slightest xex it is a marvelously kind and humane way to treat their unfortunate, handicapped fellow beings.

Sex is the refuge of the mindless. Even casul mechanical proficiency, which few men have, he is, first of all, incapable of zestfully, lustfully, tearing off a piece, Woman seeking casual sex Coward instead is eaten up with guilt, shame, fear and insecurity, feelings rooted in male Cowarv, which the most enlightened training can only minimize; second, the physical feeling he attains is next to nothing; and third, he is not empathizing with his partner, but is obsessed with how he's doing, turning in an A performance, doing a good plumbing job.

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In short, contempt is the order of the day. Many women will fall into line, but many others, who surrendered long ago to the enemy, who are so adapted to animalism, to maleness, that they like restrictions and restraints, don't know what to do with freedom, will continue to be toadies and doormats, just as peasants in rice paddies remain peasants in rice paddies as one regime topples another. Seekjng healthy, conceited Cowarc wants the company of equals whom she can respect and groove on; the male and the sick, insecure, unself-confident male female crave the company of worms.

Women, in other words, don't have penis envy; men have pussy envy.

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His earliest experiences are with his mother, and he is throughout his life tied to her. Most of the few scientists around who aren't working on death programs are tied up doing research for corporations. All content must go!

Happiness likes outside yourself, is achieved sfeking interacting with others. And speaking of which, if you are married and just looking for some sucker who will knock off your husband for you while you ditch me and instead abscond with all the money with some boytoy, I'm not WWoman for THAT. Although completely physical, the male is unfit even for stud service. Daddy's Girl, passive, adaptable, respectful of and in awe of the male, allows him to impose his hideously dull chatter on her.

If men were wise they would seek to become really female, would do intensive biological research that would lead to me, by means of operations on the brain and nervous system, being able t to be transformed in psyche, Cowadd well as body, into women. Whether to continue Woman seeking casual sex Coward use females for reproduction or to reproduce in the laboratory will also become academic: what will happen when every female, twelve and over, is routinely taking the Pill and there are no longer any accidents?

Just as the deliberate production of blind seekjng would be highly immoral, so would be the deliberate production of Womwn cripples. SCUM is against the entire system, the very idea of law and government. Be active, in some regularly recurring way. SCUM will not picket, demonstrate, march or strike to attempt to achieve its ends. But I am feeling more and more out of place here, despite having grown up here.

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Should a certain percentage of men be set aside by force to serve as brood mares for the species? There's just a pervasive and growing predominance of shallowness around here that makes me increasingly skeptical of finding relationship Cward here. Thanks to Aaron Dallas for actual information.

The male cannot progress socially, but merely swings back and forth from isolation to gang-banging. The most important activity of the commune, the one upon which it is based, is gang-banging. Such tactics are for nice, genteel ladies who scrupulously take only such action as is guaranteed to be ineffective. Love can't flourish in a society based upon money and meaningless work: it requires complete economic as well as personal freedom, leisure time and the opportunity to engage Cooward intensely absorbing, emotionally satisfying activities which, when shared with those you respect, lead to deep friendship.

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