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Depending on your current hair you may need to loose some length to maintain this color without compromising the hairs health.

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Happy Valentine's Day to ME. Your hair just might not be healthy enough to have this color right off the bat.

It's too gray. You can find me wearing this Glacial Cable Knit Sweater from shopdearever and wishing for snow!!!

What do you think!?! I always highly recommend a consultation with a new stylist before committing to a service.

Stunning Portland Oregon blond

I personally am NOT married to "prince charming" so if I want to recieve anything, I better be treating myself. Snap a picture of someone you love today!!!

Stunning Portland Oregon blond

Hardly a cloud in the sky and this Oregon babe couldn't be happier!!! Pictures seriously give me ALL the feels.

Motivation at an Portlajd time high, k bye. I'm FAR too often snapping something for a brand and forget about documenting what's most important to me. Valentine's Day is a lot of things, to a lot of people.

Stunning Portland Oregon blond

This is because if the roots grow out too far it becomes very difficult to keep the blonde consistent- meaning you could potential Like, as soon as Instagram decides to it. It's definitely a closer plane, with a smoother ride and for those reasons alone, I'm sold!!!

This is the time to apply those pricey serums!!! Case in point It makes me SO sad thinking those are moments I'll never get back.

Have you jumped on the dermaplaning wagon!?! Dermaplaning once a week. I'm thinking Desert Rose is the perfect shade for spring.

Stunning Portland Oregon blond

Seriously, don't move here. Who's with me!?!

Do you know what I mean!?! I just up-leveled by trading in my generic eyebrow razor for stackedskincare Dermaplaning tool and it's like driving a Lexus.

Colorist of the year | kristina paris

If not, I'm begggging you to try it. You guyyyyyys.

Stunning Portland Oregon blond

Short caption, due to fake claws.

CityFlorala, Northpoint, Berlin Heights, Juab County
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