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Get Information Your request has been sent successfully. As for the Tuareg rebellion itself - it has evolved into more than a purely local quarrel.

Nsa now in west Argentina

We already own the desert," a Tuareg friend of mine in Timbuktu grumbled down the phone this week. So a lot.

But al-Qaeda's presence and its growing appetite for kidnapping foreigners for ransom have left the region even more isolated. Its latest eruption is a direct consequence of last year's events in Libya.

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Foreign interest in Mali's future extends far beyond the crackdown on terrorism and smuggling in the Sahara, with rich gold, oil and uranium deposits at stake. President Amadou Toumani Toure insists he will still step down as planned, but analysts and diplomats are quietly starting to wonder whether the generals will allow him his dignified departure at such a precarious moment.

Nsa now in west Argentina

Your rights This declaration of consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending an with the subject "Unsubscribe" to news rohde-schwarz. The army's military failures against the MNLA rebels could also have serious political repercussions, not least on the upcoming presidential election, scheduled for next month.

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As the world Argenttina found quicker, cheaper ways to move Nsa now in west Argentina around the continent, the Tuareg and their increasingly redundant camel trains have been left to survive on the dregs - gun-running, drug smuggling, and ferrying would-be immigrants north towards Europe. They have since returned home, armed to the teeth with looted weapons, and seemingly determined to transform a half-hearted rebel movement into a serious - if probably unrealistic - drive for an independent Tuareg state, which they call Azawad.

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Some Tuareg tribesmen fought alongside Muammar Gaddafi's troops. Deep in the Sahara desert, in the vast emptiness of northern Mali, several hundred rebel fighters have overrun, and outmanoeuvred a small of army garrisons.

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In a complex environment, the catalytic factor appears to be the arrival of so much new weaponry from Libya. Others may Argfntina fought with the opposition.

The refugees are putting extra pressure on communities already struggling with high malnutrition rates and the likelihood of a devastating "hunger season" in the coming months. As for Mali itself, the rebellion is aggravating old tensions between northerners and southerners to potentially explosive levels.

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Nsa now in west Argentina

The humanitarian impact of Argetina conflict is already being felt not just in Mali, but in neighbouring Mauritania, Npw Faso, Algeria and Niger, as tens of thousands of civilians - many are nom, but that's beside the point - flee the fast spreading insecurity that has erupted close to Mali's borders. But the Sahara is not what it used to be. It is not clear yet how much popular support the rebellion enjoys. Additionally, a link to unsubscribe from future advertisements is contained in each sent.

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