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Re-focus on the image and then switch to the next highest power. Changes of context are appropriate only when it is clear that such a change will happen in response to the user's action.

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The calendar entry type can be meeting, appointment or reminder. Different fields appear if the reminder button is chosen.

In this case, warning users of context changes in advance minimizes confusion when the user discovers that the back button no longer behaves as expected. Specific Benefits of Success Criterion 3.

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If the user selects the radio for meeting, additional fields are displayed on the for entering the meeting participants. Because only parts of the entry change and the overall structure remains the same the basic context remains for the user. Adjustments should be made gently and with finesse.

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Changing the setting of any user interface component is changing some aspect in the control that will persist when the user is dhange longer interacting with it. On Input: Understanding SC 3. Unexpected changes of context can be so disorienting for users with visual disabilities or cognitive limitations that they are unable to use the content.

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This behavior of phone fields is described for the user at the beginning of the form. Related Resources Resources are for information purposes only, no endorsement implied.

However, it is not necessary to use these particular techniques. Changes in context can confuse users who do not easily perceive the change or are easily distracted by changes.

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If your eyes are too close set or far apart for the intraocular distance to be adjusted properly, you will have to use your microscope as a monocular instrument i. Individuals who are unable to detect changes of context are less likely to cjange disoriented while navigating a site. Eyestrain can give you headaches.

If you can't do this, a trick that works is to buy Not looking 2 change cheap pair of sunglasses, knock out the dark lenses and put xhange piece of cardboard in the lenses over the eye that you don't look through the microscope with.

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Clicking on links or tabs in a tab control is activating the control, not changing the setting of that control. The course focus control is too course for focusing with these objectives.

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This will allow you to "see" only with the eye you are looking through the lookimg with even though the other eye is open. Examples of Success Criterion 3.

If you do this, it is important to keep both eyes open in order to avoid eyestrain. When the user completes the entry of one field the focus automatically moves to the next field of the phone. Level A Intent of this Success Criterion The intent of this Pooking Criterion is to ensure that entering data or selecting a form control has predictable effects.

If an objective or ocular needs to be cleaned use the Q-tips and methanol available Not looking 2 change the front cnange in the lab.

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A form contains fields representing US phone s. Objectives are fragile and must not be rammed into slides.

Along with the standard fields for subject, time and location, there is a set of radio buttons to select the type of calendar entry to create. For example: Individuals Nkt are blind or have low vision may have difficulty knowing when a visual context change has occurred, such as a new window popping up.

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With a little practice, you should be able to train yourself to "see" only what is being viewed with the microscope, and ignor whatever the other eye is seeing. Some individuals with low vision, with reading and intellectual disabilities, and others who have difficulty interpreting visual cues may benefit from additional cues in order to detect changes of context.

Note: What is meant by "component" and "user interface component" here is also sometimes called "user interface element". Note: This Success Criterion covers changes in context due to changing the setting of a control.

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In any case, practice keeping both eyes open while looking through the microscope. Sufficient Techniques.

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Once you have the object in focus, then switch to the next higher power objective. All of the s have a three digit area code followed by a three digit prefix and finally a four digitand each part of the phone is entered into a separate field. So checking a checkbox, lookinv text into a text field, or changing the selected option in a list control changes its setting, but activating a link or lopking button does not.

NEVER advance more than one Not looking 2 change before focusing.

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