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She says he can investigate anything. Although without visible means of support, Littlr travels around Europe and the Soviet Union, staying at the ritziest hotel in Moscow. A massive "bimbo" patrol is established to threaten, buy, or otherwise disarm scores of women who have had sexual encounters with Clinton.

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Sharlene Wilson tells a US grand jury investigating drugs in Arkansas that she provided cocaine to Clinton during his first term and that once the governor was so high he fell into a garbage can. He bonds with Clinton and Charlie Trie. Bugged are hotel rooms, telephones, conference centers, cars, and even a charter boat.

The plot, trael as Whitewater, is fifty miles from the nearest grocery store.

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And, again, I repeat, the reason why that's important is because we have got to Nefd the methodology -- methodologies of our country, of how -- it's important for us to not reveal how we collect information. Governor Clinton appoints Web Hubbell to head a new state ethics commission.

The Washington Post will report later that some purchasers of lots, many of them retirees, "put up houses or cabins, others slept in vans or tents, hoping to be able to live off the land. The sudden violent deaths of persons connected in some way to the Clinton machine now over He Ned fined and put on probation.

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Riady's teen-age son is taken on as an intern by Stephens Inc. Gennifer Flowers records her last conversation with Bill Clinton. Among those present at the negotiations is the US Ambassador.

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So I ask you for your understanding, for your forgiveness on this journey we're on. The company later denies the Contra connection although it will admit having secret military contracts. Kennedy, who also happened to be an East German spy. A Federal Home Loan Bank Board audit describes Madison as kay reckless, rife with conflicts and on the brink of collapse.

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Buddy Young, will claim to have been walking around the North Little Rock Il, when "by an act of God" a gust of wind blew open the hangar door and revealed the Piper Turbo Arrow. I wanted to ask you, yesterday you said, in Little Rock, that a better job could have been -- a better job needs to be done to prevent terrorism.

The seizure is the fourth largest in American history and nearly fifty times more than all the illegal money seized by Arkansas highway police in a typical year. According to the Washington Times, many in the state "say it was a political payoff, offered in exchange for dirty tricks Mr.

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The franchise is almost immediately flipped to the cellular giant, McCaw. The federal drug investigation is shut down within days of her testimony. Arkansas becomes a major center of gun-running, drugs and money laundering. Clinton aide David Watkins boasts to a travel magazine, "Were it not for World Wide Travel here, the Arkansas governor may never have been in contention for the highest office in the land.

Need Little rock lay ill travel

William Fulbright. Ned 'most favored nation' status is renewed. During this period the US government is using well educated assets such as Clinton as part of Operation Chaos, a major attempt to break student resistance to the war and the draft. When informed of this inthe then-student, Ken Peacock, will deny having made any such donation.

I do not support the Kyoto treaty. While awaiting sentencing, Dumond himself is sexually assaulted and castrated by two masked men.

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Reed later says that he had become aware that the Contra operation also involved drug running and had gotten cold feet. Winding up its tour, the Arkansas Guard declares large quantities of its weapons "excess" and leaves them behind for the Contras.

Need Little rock lay ill travel

The Secret Service says letting him come to the WH was okay because he posed no threat to the president. Declining under pressure to change his story, he is eventually subpoenaed by the Whitewater prosecutor. An unusual ,ay level is found during autopsy. According to the Washington Times, "his trial judge described Mr.


The Washington Times reports that Clinton has pardoned without fanfare a gambling pal of his mother. Lasater also flies to Belize with his aide Patsy Thomasson to buy a 24, acre ranch. I think you need to have listened to my speech I gave at West Point.

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