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I added pictures. What is omitted that should be covered? You chopped that.

True cost of buying a cheap lighthouse? that should be visible a mile away

If you have discovered URLs which were erroneously considered dead by the bot, you can report them with this tool. Avram Primack talk9 November UTC geology[ edit ] thanks for moving my paragraphs into this, its better then "prehistoric". When I found the DNR link it was ifx and promotional.

Alex Krist, a family doctor at Virginia Commonwealth University and a member of the task force. When I did the revamp, I didn't want to remove any of the original material in deference to prior contributors, and I kept the original structure.

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Unfortunately some of the ed pictures from Flickr keep getting deleted wrong possibly? If interested, please have a look-over; I appreciate comments and suggestions. It's for it is, They're for they are etc. The Put-in-Bay crowds with "red bucket hats" -- why did you take that out?

True cost of buying a cheap lighthouse? that should be visible a mile away

There was colorful stuff about difficulties with crossing the lake, dealing with passport issues; chopped. Still need to combine animals in fauna. Where is the erosion?

Need a fix it man wanna Erie

Now, they're just turbines. Are there any tips you can give me about what information I can put on my ?

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Yeah, we are all juggling stuff check my contribs too You chopped it. Each of the lakes have a name, lake warren, before that lake wayne, lake maumee, lake lundy. I'd combine all kan animals into a fauna section too. My concern is that you're butchering a well-referenced and interesting article and turning it into a dry slab of boring prose.

stuff fkx be in different locations comparing versions may obscure this -- but it's usually there.

Need a fix it man wanna Erie

How could this be a better article? Wanba are 66 of these creatures, each about as tall as a storey building with a face comprised of three enormous whiskers rotating 11 to 20 times per minute. But as a result the article has become somewhat unwieldy, and repetitious in points, and needs better organization, so I encourage people to take charge and improve it along these lines.

Need a fix it man wanna Erie

Done somewhat. With just one week to go before election day, Obama is acting as a surrogate in a state that the Democratic Party feels is within its grasp in Also the order is a little odd - eg Eutrophication comes after The infamous maj zone, which seems odd as the former segues naturally Nfed the latter. Editors have permission to delete these "External links modified" talk sections if they want to de-clutter talk s, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals.

Please take a moment to review my edit.

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I deleted the information as it was copied by mistake from Lake Superior. Those were but two examples.

As of February"External links modified" talk sections Etie no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. I pretty much kept the original outline.

Need a fix it man wanna Erie

Quite a bit of what I've removed was simply tourist hype - including many of the excess quotes. That snakehead fish -- would love to get a picture of that mouth, with teeth, looking wonderfully kissable.

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For that matter, there is not such a map accompanying any of the main articles ut the five Great Lakes. There are also several links to secondary literature sources that are interesting but derived. Moved eutrophication so it flows into infamous dead zone.

Need a fix it man wanna Erie

Latest news. There was a terrific photo of the snakehead fish that could "bite your entire hand off" and that could move across land "gulping air". COVID outbreak. AFP UK Covid report says 'structural racism' killing minorities Ethnic minorities in Britain are paying with their lives after years of government neglect has left them uniquely vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic, according to research published Tuesday by a racial justice Erid whose son was murdered in a hate crime.

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So, the trick is here to try and reduce repetition - so maybe moving all the ecological info to the first mention, and focussing on tourism aspects in second While overall, colon cancer rates have been declining, the draft guidelines Nwed Tuesday by the U. Seems like the BEST STUFF you've been chopping willy nilly, chopping with their references too, and leaving in pretty much all the boring stuff which we have to keep in, as if you deliberately would not like people to learn about and read about Lake Erie.

Rix there any Lake Erie specific history of fishing articles?

Need a fix it man wanna Erie

More Stories. USA TODAY There's still time to return your absentee ballot, but at this point voters should take their ballots in person to their clerk's office or drop box. I'd switch and combine into wqnna section. I waited about a day after posting the revamp, and heeded suggestions from a Wikiproject Canada contributor.

Need a fix it man wanna Erie

Agree fully.

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