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Perhaps a regular non "Rohow" release might have fared better both with the critics and at the box-office.

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About him were groups of his followers, about forty in all. May 20 — Jane Warfield, a year-old girl, rescued from a band of religious fanatics twenty-five miles southwest of Aline when she was about to be offered up as a sacrifice to make Akine atonement that the sins of the world might be forgiven, has been brought here for safe keeping.

Native big girl looking for Aline Oklahoma

His performance is far superior to that of the overripe, stilted scenery chewing one delivered by Richard Dix in the original. He gave out that he had received a revelation that he was to sacrifice the lokoing and thus avert the world calamity. Glenn Ford is perfect casting for Yancy. To save the world the sacrifice was planned, the lot falling to Jane Warfield.

A posse was immediately formed and proceeding to the meeting ground of the fanatics the girl was rescued and given medical attention. It is supposed that the chimerical and fanciful brain of the noted dopester was suffering from acute inertia and that he relieved the inactivity by unwinding the story. True this is perhaps not the best adaptation of Ms.

Native big girl looking for Aline Oklahoma

In defense of a much maligned remake play78rpms 31 May Sorry but despite the fact that the version of this novel was the only western film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture it does not compare to the entertainment value of this version. With Ollahoma posse of six men he reached the dell in the Gloss Mountains just as the sacrifice was being prepared and only in time to rescue the young woman who was offered to save the world.

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Whether the intended cor was 16 or 19 years of age, nude or clad in white, whether the event took place in Alfalfa County or in Dewey County. When it finally reappeared on Oklahoms most of them found it very creaky and revised their opinions but the older opinions are still in print, available and read. So far as I can learn British science writer Nigel Calder deserves the credit or blame for dusting off this tale in in his book, The Comet is Coming Calder may have gotten it from Philippe Veron, who wrote of the tale in a book published two years before his.

Native big girl looking for Aline Oklahoma

Aline, Okla. True, they didn't change their opinion of this version, but the older fell into proper perspective A similar story appeared on 2 of the New York Daily Tribune of the same date but it credited Sheriff Hughes with six deputies rather than a posse of The sect of Select Followers came into the neighborhood of the present residence two years ago, led by Heiman sicwho is girrl to be from near Leesburg, and a graduate of some Ohio university. Back inMGM obviously needed a big movie to move into the theaters that had been playing "Ben-Hur" for over a year.

Enjoyable pioneer saga patriciahammond 14 August I admit to not having read the book but will now go to abe.

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The Warfield girl was clad in white, wearing a wreath of roses. Sheriff Hughes had placed the girl in the hands of safe parties and Heiman sic will be held to await action of investigating officers.

Cinema History and rather dry history at that. During that period many film historians gushed in their praise of it.

Native big girl looking for Aline Oklahoma

Ferber's novel, but then how many films are perfect adaptations of their source material. There are wonderful scenes missing from this adaptation, but then there are wonderful scenes missing from the adaptation of GWTW. Glenn Ford is good, and although the film rather tries to do too much as does Giant, in my opinionit's really a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon or even a hot afternoon.

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It is clear that the Republican editor, Walter Ferguson, was confident that he knew the perpetrator to be one Ed Marchant. Heinman was arrested and placed in the county jail.

May 18 — Miss Jane Warfield, 16 years old, was today rescued from a band of religious fanatics 25 miles southwest of this place. The conflict in details in these various stories is obvious.

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She makes a wonderfully believable pioneer note: the accent is genuine, which also sets her apart from many other Hollywood 'foreigners' and she has a pleasingly natural acting style. Heretofore they had been looked upon as harmless, the wildness of their religious utterances only being held against them. While this gidl is not a classic it remains good entertainment.

For some time Heinman has been telling them in his sermons that the world would end on the 18th day of May, and the comet now in the sky would sweep with pestilential gases across the earth eliminating all animal life.

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All their secrets are closely guarded and it was not until the girl was tied to the stake that the authorities became aware of the intended sacrifice. An inquiry to the Oklahoma Historical Society elicited additional information, including still another version of the events that may or may not have happened on Wednesday night, May 18, So this production was rushed to completion to fit the bill.

The Aline Chronoscope never mentioned the story.

For many years the version was not available for viewing. Followers Nwtive Heinman attempted to fight the officers, but they were overcome with little difficulty.

The position of the Oklahoma Historical Society is simply stated.

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