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Manyal not allow anyone to do that with you. Your dress and grooming send messages about you to others and influence the way you and others act. You protect yourself from the emotional damage that always comes from sharing physical intimacies with someone outside of marriage. Do not date until you are at least 16 years old.

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Pay it because you love the Lord and have faith in Him. When you use good language, dafing invite the Spirit to be with you. Occupational goals can be postponed. Satan may tempt you to rationalize that sexual intimacy before marriage is acceptable when two people are in love. He will give you the help you need to meet your trials and challenges.

Her argument was that after having written a best seller and raising two children, she and her husband discovered they were two different people from the young couple that fell in love. Dancing can be fun and can provide an opportunity to meet new people. As you devote yourself to serving others, you will draw closer to Heavenly Father. When mznual keep His commandments and serve others, you show that you love Him and are grateful to Him. Choose your friends carefully.

In cultures where dating or courtship is acceptable, dating can help you develop lasting friendships and eventually find an eternal companion.

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Set a good example for other family members. Offensive material is often found in web sites, concerts, movies, music, videocassettes, Daring, books, magazines, pictures, and other media.

Concern yourself with the needs of other family members. Keeping these covenants now will help you prepare for the temple covenants you will make in the future.

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Do not take the chance of dating nonmembers, or members who are untrained and faithless. We want you to have fun. Only the will to live possibly exceeds it. Talk with your bishop. Choose friends who share your values so you can strengthen and encourage each other in living high standards. comme

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Of course you can! Many problems in the home are created because family members speak and act selfishly or unkindly. If you are tempted to commit sexual transgressions, seek help from your parents, your bishop, and friends you can trust. Elder M. Help others around you use clean language by your example and by good-naturedly encouraging them to choose other words. Read the scriptures daily.

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You can strengthen them by sharing your testimony and by setting a good example. Choose friends who use good language. The consequences may not be immediate, but they will always follow, for good or bad. Never lower your dress standards for any occasion. Thank Him for your family, for friends and loved ones, for leaders and teachers, for the gospel, and for His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is deed to help you, and it will do so if you will observe it.

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When you are honest in every way, you build strength of character that co,e allow you to be of great service to God and others. You may want to invite your dates to activities with your family. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. It can lead you to sexual transgression and even criminal behavior. You may become trapped in the sinful behavior, making it difficult to find your way back. Many people have ed the Church through the example and fellowship of their friends.

Whenever possible, choose a job that does not require you to work on Sundays. Be willing to help in the home with chores that need to be done.

You gain the blessings of a healthy body, an alert mind, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Being honest requires courage and commitment to do what you know is right. Begin by making a decision to change. If you have been a victim of any of these crimes, know that you are innocent and that God loves you. Pornography is a poison that weakens your self-control, changes the way you see others, causes you to co,e the guidance of the Spirit, and can even affect your ability to have a normal relationship with your future spouse.

Young women should wjth Men should come with a dating manual that covers the shoulder and avoid clothing that is sholud in the front or the back or revealing in any other manner. Never use tobacco products, such as cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, and pipe tobacco. The way you dress is a reflection of what you are on the inside. If you encounter pornography, turn away from it immediately.

Find joy in continuing to learn about yourself, other people, and the world around you. It is ordained of God for the creation of children and for the expression of love between husband and wife. When serving, look to the Savior as your example. Dating before then can lead to immorality, limit the of other young people you meet, and deprive you of experiences that will help you choose an dwting partner.

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Your family can provide you with companionship and happiness, help you learn correct principles in a loving atmosphere, and help you prepare for eternal life. Stand tall, proud of your inheritance as sons and daughters of God. What may begin as a curious indulgence can manuao a destructive habit that takes control of your life.

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