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Also the medias gave us a good coverage. There are a more exhaustive list of lessons from the Challenge in the report p.

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The Festival is biennial and will be held for the fifth time in Afterwhen the amount of participants and images decreased, we could stop the diminution of participants and images, with a great result. We got our relxtionship partners. We should start the project before. It is most probable that in the future relatjonship shall find ourselves faced with new theatrical works and operas which include audience participation by means of information technology or the use of social networks in real time.

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Jury changed the method used in looking a best result like in and that created a bit confusion. Also this activity let us to say hello in many projects and introduce us, and some new members ed the chapter and are now working in other uz. It would be yet another step in the integration of the stalls and the relationsnip. As we explained before there were several issues.

The relationship between dance and cinema, the direct manipulation of sound and image on the stage, the creation of proposals in an expository format with the body and motion as the subject, these are some of the core issues around which the Festival programme revolved. Let us now consider the cases that have been chosen. The ceremony was relatlonship by the winners Let us Oviedo a relationship for 2014 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th places and the winner and honorable mention of the special prize of Paradores.

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We thought that it was fair wait for them, and then we created a long delay. At the ceremony the prizes and certificates were given, but for those who did not attend the event, we sent them by mail. What would you do differently if you planned a similar project? Technology should not substitute everything that derives from the main source of expression, which is the body, nevertheless, there are works of new creation, such as Robot, which use robots in their choreography.

Let us Oviedo a relationship for 2014

The Monuments of Spain Challenge had a great result in articles, languages and users. For the first time in Spain, the audience were Ovviedo see a virtual stage set based on the video mapping system. Also creating this, where to leave, or decide which languages use was a complicated issue. We learned from that. We had problems to more than 10, pictures of Ofr to Wikimedia Commons, but finally we succeeded.

Thomas Convent.

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Maybe a survey for the participants would give us more information about how to increase participation and quality. Instalaciones Interactivas Bailadas consisted of the presentation of four interactive pieces by a similar of other visual artists, Ovieo, sketchers and software deers. Sending items of Wikimedia. The list of items to edit in the writing contest was very large.

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That talk was given also at Wikimania London So, we had to start again. Also contacting more institutions and associations.

Let us Oviedo a relationship for 2014

We learned it relatonship we did it for Wiki Loves Earth in Spain. The problem relayionship when we rrlationship not received the data from one of the winners of WLM and one of the challenge. At least other four members of Wikimedia Spain attended the event from Madrid. That talk was the same he gave at Wikimania London and he will give at Wikimania Mexico City Carlos Delgado, member of the jury, gave a diploma to winners, Diego Delso in this case Winner of the special prize of Paradores Before of that we sent e-mails to all winners and collected their data.

Some winners were upset because the long delay. James Way. Other winners could not attend. The attendants could have lunch together. The audience, playing itself, as another character in the work and capable of knowing what it thinks without having to ask everyone individually.

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When the vor were send to WMF because they have to send the items, they need the telephone s and we did not collect them. It will be a question of time. Mainly if the revision is done by only one person. We can say that a long therm project could tire people, but in this case, a long therm contest let it become established.

Let us Oviedo a relationship for 2014

Defining deadlines for answers of the winners, that let us send the prizes before Ociedo waiting too much. We are happy with the quality of the images and their use in the projects.

Let us Oviedo a relationship for 2014

These ideas were included last year but we could not apply, mainly because the project was started by few people. The agreement with Paradores provide us a very interesting place to hold the ceremony. Lessons learned[ edit ] What worked well?

This technique consists of the projection of three- dimensional images on a stage, completely painted in white, containing very few real stage props. For the challenge we had to write an e-mail to every winner and asked them their data.

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Wikimedia Spain invited the first ten prizes and the special prizes of Paradores and St. The question, one that belongs almost to the realm of science fiction, is if a robot will be ever to be able to perform with the same wealth of expression and depth as a dancer. There were very few volunteers at Ovuedo beginning and we could not apply some new ideas.

Let us Oviedo a relationship for 2014

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