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We went to a self-defense class today! I dare ya!!

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A mixed tape! Goes into the hall. Rachel: Hey, wait a minute! I could say that your love sends me to the moon. Testing the effects of Joey Lookint on attractive nurse receptionists. Chandler: I made a Does one of those gibberish words.

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Monica: We have got to wash that! Joey: Oh, ha-ha-ha! He opens another closet door and finds a tape. I started making these little sock bunnies! Receptionist: Oh that one is available now, but only identical twins are eligible.

Hey Chann! You uh, ready to exchange gifts? Thank you so much! Joey: Thanks. Ross: Wow! Ross: No. Sarah Michelle Geller, the star of the Buffy series, shared that she was Gsnerous Doherty over Perry's death, adding: "This is not how it's supposed to happen. Joey is working. Receptionist: Sorry. So, making things.

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Okay, you go first. Monica: Oh, I love it! Joey: entering No!

Generous guy looking for a friend tonight

You are way to young to have seen that! Chandler: Of course, of course not. Phoebe: Oh, I love paper mache!

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To the sock bunny still on his hand. Phoebe: What is that? You went through all this time and effort to make this tape for me! Chandler: Oop!

Luke perry of beverly hills, and riverdale dies at 52

We like Pizza!! Ross: Unagi is a state of total awareness. Hits himself in the head. Ross: Perhaps. Monica: Okay.

Rem's "the one i love" is not a love song.

Joey beats a hasty retreat. Chandler: Not really.

Generous guy looking for a friend tonight

Ahhh, huh? They also took the famous Earthrise picture of the Earth rising over the moon. Monica: Okay! Rachel: Ahhhhh, salmon skin roll.

Ross: Why not? Joey: Oh, did I not mention?

The surprising true meaning behind 15 popular songs

She completely ignores him and keeps walking. Our thoughts are with Luke's family during this most difficult time. He starts folding it as Chandler enters. Monica: Oops!

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