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Slope Instability and Mass Wasting - The weak materials that underlie the Fargo-Moorhead region are highly susceptible to landsliding, particularly near the Red River.

Fargo, north dakota

Except where otherwise noted, the views expressed on these s are those of the author, and not NDSU. People of white and Asian ancestry ed atand those of white and black ancestry ed at In addition, individuals identified themselves with other Hispanic or Latino groups other than Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban, making up 0. People of Japanese descent were very few, with only 40 people identifying themselves as Japanese; they make up a mere 0.

The Chippewa alone make up 0. Schwert, North Fargi State University. Hispanics and Latinos make up 2.

There were Puerto Ricans and Cubans ; both of these groups made up roughly 0. It profoundly affects residents of this region in many ways. Approximately 72 people identified themselves as agea and Native American. Of the 4, Hispanics, 3, are Mexican. NOTE: The source above contains all of the information on population, age, and race.

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PDF Format. Why did "Mount Fargo" begin to sink? The Native American population is predominantly Ojibwewith a Sioux minority.

Fargo North Dakota area latin for nsa

Of the 2, Native Americans, 1, are of the Chippewa tribal grouping. Cass County: River Bank Slumping - Cass County's comprehensive site addressing the problems associated with slope stability near rivers. Most of the Scandinavian population is of Norwegian descent.

The geology can be subtle in appearance, yet startling in its impact. Links - Links to other earth science resources on the Fargo-Moorhead region. areea

Fargo North Dakota area latin for nsa

An Afternoon Field Trip - The ties between our geologic heritage and our human heritage form the central focus of this mile roundtrip excursion. The Story of Lake Agassiz - The agricultural richness and the engineering challenges of our region are both tied to the sediments and history of a large glacial lake that once covered our region.

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In addition, 20 people identified themselves as a member of the Cherokee tribal grouping. Into where do the waters of the Red River flow? Hispanics and Latinos are the largest minority group in Fargo—Moorhead.

Multiracial Americans make up 1. Nonetheless, in its own way, the Valley forms a fascinating landscape. Brief Insights on the Geology of Fargo - Why is it Dakora flat here? The largest Asian American group are those of Chinese descent, who at and make up 0.

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As of the — American Community Survey, the top ten largest European ancestry groups were the following:. Those of white and Native American ancestry made up 0.

Fargo North Dakota area latin for nsa

Other sizable groups include IndiansVietnamese,atin Koreanswho at, and respectively; all three groups comprise roughly 0. Please e-mail us your comments and suggestions.

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Pacific Islander Americans ed atand made up approximately 0. There are Filipinosmaking up roughly 0. The Asian American population is not dominated by a single ancestry group, and is fairly diverse. Fargo From Space - A spectacular satellite image of Fargo.

Fargo North Dakota area latin for nsa

What holds our cities "up"? Hispanic or Latino of any race : 2.

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We invite you to learn more about the geology of the Fargo region through the resources provided on this and on our related s. Both groupings made up roughly 0. The automated water level is courtesy of Nem Schlecht. The Sioux make up 0.

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