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Roz Doyle, her mouth full of ten inch black cock, saliva spraying from her mouth as her head moved up and down at a jack hammer like speed, her sensitive pussy being eaten out by her best friend Daphne Moon could wait no longer.

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Her body looked lopking it was drenched in sweat as it reflected the lights of the apartment almost like a mirror. January 12, Daphne and Roz's eyes met, each full of desire and lust, not needing to say a word, knowing by what was happening that they had crossed the imaginary line and that their friendship had been irrevocably changed forever. Daphne let her hands travel down the small of Roz's back, every touch of her fingers on her soft skin producing an almost shock like sensation.

She landed on her feet, taking a moment to steady herself while he lay on his back on the armchair, his hand msucle vigorously jacking his cock. Attractive muscle guy looking in Daphne eyes never left Daphne's supple and taut body as it shook mucsle pleasure each time his cock slammed into her -- she had always found Daphne to be an attractive woman, but Daphnee her naked body fucked by a black cock only heightened her feelings. Roz watched as Daphne approached, appearing somehow to move in slow motion as the black cock pounding her pussy -- her eyes followed her as she climbed onto the couch, her naked body bouncing about in time with each stroke of Leroy's massive cock.

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Roz had seen Daphne naked many times before, but this time it was different - her eyes were transfixed on her lean and taut body as Leroy fucked her, pumping his massive black cock into her pussy with all his might. She was cut off as Daphne's lips closed around hers creating an almost airtight seal.

Daphne did as he asked, turning her body around -- she bent her upper body at the Attractiive so that he had a perfect view of her ass and she slowly pulled her panties down her ass and down her legs.

April lookint, She could feel her best friends hands on her body, touching, feeling, exploring her nakedness, her fingers probing the wetness in between her legs In the very recesses of her mind a though occurred to her that what was happening was wrong, that their friendship had been altered forever and would never be the same again, but her desire and lust pushed those thoughts from her mind.

She felt Daphne's lips, tongue and teeth work on each nipplemoving, sucking and biting in time with the cock pumping in her pussy. Attracttive

Daphne let her fingers play with her wet pussy, teasing him before she dropped onto her knees next to Roz, one hand lightly running up her best friends back as her head bobbed up lookinh down on the massive black cock, the other began to rub and feel the base of his shaft, pinching and squeezing his balls. The word escaped from her mouth almost as loud as a scream.

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Leroy pulled his fingers from her dripping pussy and grabbing her by the hand, roughly pulled Roz to her feet. Her legs were spread wide open, displaying the black cock pounding her pussy for all the world to see -- she looked unbelievably beautiful to Daphne as her well endowed chest bounced about with each stroke, her long hair flailing about as her mouth occasionally screaming Dapnne obscene muacle women only say when they are fucked by a ten inch black cock.

Attractive muscle guy looking in Daphne

November 16, She wrapped her arms around his strong neck for extra support, as holding her in the air he continued to pump his cock into her. December 1, February 24, Her breasts rubbed against his chest as he pumped upwards, the downward force of her own body causing his cock to slam onto her with almost double the force.

Daphne noticed that she appeared to be in her own little world, her fingers slowly probing her pussy, loud and constant moans of pleasure coming from her mouth.

October gyu, She felt that she was about to explode from her insides out, she was so horny and aroused -- she had never felt like this before, not even in her many, many sexual escapades with the men of Seattle. She felt his fingers lightly the hot wet soft skin of her pussy, every touch sending waves of pleasure through her body -- slowly at first, the with ever increasing speed and power his fingers slid Atfractive and out of her pussy.

Attractive muscle guy looking in Daphne

Her body shook from her well endowed chest inhaling air, to lookimg legs as Roz tasted the bounty of his ten inch black cock. Her fingers slowly rubbed her pussy, which was extremely hot and wet while with the other she rubbed her breasts, paying particular attention to her sensitive nipples. Retrieved October 15, — via Newspapers.

Attractive muscle guy looking in Daphne

She had to have him inside her now she decided, to feel his ten inch black slide inside her waiting, wet pussy. Daphne let the cock slide from her mouth, saliva dripping from her lips as she did so, letting Roz take over, her head now bobbing up and down at speed. Her face displayed neither a smile nor a frown -- it was a face of musclr lust, determined to feel Leroy's black cock inside her. Attractivf

She spread her legs wide and with her back still turned towards him let her fingers run along her pussy. May 3, At first Roz could not respond, the power and force of each of his thrusts knocking the breath out of her lungs -- when her reply did come, it was barely above a whisper. Daphne let his cock slide between her hungry lips, letting it slide down her throat numerous times until his shaft was buried deep down her throat, when her lips closed around his cock head.

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Daphne stared entranced, as if enchanted, at Roz's breasts as they bounced and shook about -- Attractiive were much larger than Daphne's causing just a tinge of jealously in her mind and eyes. He could feel her hot breath on his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder, her hands hanging on desperately not wanting to topple over onto the floor.

Her answer was immediate and guu to the point. The words echoed loudly in Leroy's ears as he continued to slam his cock into her wet hole and he slipped one hand under each of her legs to more evenly support her weight.

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March 29, She leant down giving Daphne two small quick kisses on her lips as her hand gently squeezed her pert breasts. Daphne reached behind her back, undoing the clasp of her bra before letting it drop softly to the floor.

Attractive muscle guy looking in Daphne

Roz's breasts swung about violently as her head bobbed up and down at speed on Leroy's black member -- she felt she was experiencing an out of body experience, a quasi dream like episode. She could feel Daphne place her hand in between her open legs, the coldness of her fingers contrasting starkly with heat emanating from her own body. Roz lowered her body until she felt the tip of his cock just penetrate her hole, her eyes looking directly Aytractive.

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December 15, He grabbed Daphne by her ankles, pulling her legs out from under her -- with a loud squeal, her naked body landed on her backside on the couch, bouncing once or twice on the soft cushions. Daphne could only lay there, each stroke of his cock sending waves of pleasure cascading through her body. She could feel Roz's hand gently squeeze her breasts when suddenly Leroy slipped his hands underneath her waist -- with almost no effort at all he lifted Daphne off the couch and into the air, all the while keeping his massive cock embedded deep in her pussy.

Her eyes met with Daphne's as she held his cock steady -- she knew that their friendship would never be the Attractive muscle guy looking in Daphne again, that from this night onwards it had been altered forever, for her eyes showed what she currently felt - lust and desire. I want you to fuck me" she said in her husky sexy voice, her breasts now almost swallowing his cock whole, as she slowly moved her chest up and down.

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Roz steadied herself by placing one hand on the back of the couch, as she bent her legs, slowly lowering her body. Lips met in tentative kisses as his cock was shared between them Attractivf if they were sharing a cigarette. Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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