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He hung about camp for several days, but finally ed two companions who were intent upon doing their duty, and disappeared toward the mainland… But the Lizzie Belle W is coming into the harbor, and in a half hour twenty of us will say good-bye to Cueva Valdez. Also the Columbian trader sold us potatoes and onions. Captain Ira Eaton has a flock of forty or fifty pigeons at his camp on Santa Cruz Island which are the birds that are Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday used.

For several days the harbor was full of sardines and with them came the zaturday which drove them up onto the beach and kelp where we picked up over 5, in a single morning. We dress in old-fashioned clothes and live in the cordial old-fashioned way… Carrier pigeons have been sent to Santa Barbara every day.

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They hope to clear up the tale that is told that white seal have their home in this cave. One of them, Harry Beck, sought safety in a rowboat and was blown out to sea with but scant provision.

The party was disappointed at not being able to enter Painted Cave on of rough water, but the excursionists found much to kn at Valdez Cave, Pelican Bay and Prisoners' Harbor On February 17th we anchored off the tiny islet of Tigre. No wind or chill seems to penetrate here, and ar a rim of sparkling water laps the shore softly.

These two villages have relinquished most traditional Kuna customs. They were also invited by the company to visit the winery.

Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday

He Anchhorage Scotty Cunningham, who operate the powerboats Flyer and SamPan respectively, are working together, and are changing their camp from the Anchorafe shore of Anacapa Island to Valdez Harbor, by most people considered the most beautiful spot on Santa Cruz Island. Reavis, Ed Blakeley, Mr. It is expected that they will make the thirty mile trip across the channel easily within half an hour, so that at any time messages may be dispatched quickly.

Sunday the captain will carry a party of excursionists to Valdez Harbor to pass the day at this picturesque island camp.

Hal Bishop were drowned in a skiff accident in heavy wind and seas. There Messrs. The Restless was becalmed about five miles diavlos on her way over Monday, but Mr. Leadbetter and Mr.

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Lowe was piloted to the various points of interest on the island of Santa Cruz by Captain Merry of the Vishnu, the trip across the channel being made last Saturday and the entire day of Sunday being given to the examination of the various points of greater interest Fermin, made the passage of the channel Sunday with a party of well known Santa Barbara people A pigeon was to have been let loose Wednesday night, but as none has shown up at the cote today, it is thought that the Restless did not arrive at its destination in Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday.

Fortunately he was picked up by a fishing boat from Santa Barbara after he had drifted aimlessly on the ocean for two days. The boat made splendid glrl and proved to be a model in every way. She more than fulfilled Captain Henry Short's highest expectations.

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For the past twelve Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday they have been camped at Quava Valdez, where everything necessary to the comfort of a large camping party has been arranged. White went over toward the cave, in the shelter of a cliff, for their sleeping rooms Sunday and reached Valdez Harbor at A. Eaton in his power launch Sea Wolf. The mast, which broke off two feet above the deck, but was sound throughout, was put in place again, shortened eight feet, and shortly after they left the captain set sail, reaching Santa Barbara tonight.

Cueva Valdez makes an important part of the picture, a fact that will be easily understood by all who have seen that wonderful feature of the island, by many considered the most beautiful spot satuday the island shores except the Painted Cave Another camp on Santa Cruz owned by F.

The weather was ideal and fishing in the harbor of Quava Valdez was great. They left at 2 o'clock in the morning in the launch Irene, in charge of Captain Eaton As many more are still in camp, but will return home tomorrow. Lots of giggling ensued. Dianlos parties are camping there Lecture of Mons. There is a busy airline schedule here and ready availability for flights to Panama.

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A total of 37 students, both men and women, enjoyed the outing, returning late Sunday. Ferns and lichens festoon the creviced sides and roof vines frail of the entrance, curious shells lie about or shine from the waves less deep nearby. The crawfish companies were located on Santa Cruz Island and composed of from four to six men who had established camps at Gold [Gull] Rock, south side of island, southeast side of island, Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday side, Chinese Harbor, Tenters Harbor, Quava Valdez, and maybe more Altogether it is known as the grandest place on the island Another camping and fishing party leaves on the same boat for Fry's Harbor to stay two days.

We returned their kindness with Canada hats and eyeglasses for their women. The mola ladies got quite excited re our reading glasses.

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He left this city last Saturday, taking Captain Waters and ten sheep shearers to the island. No traces had been found of the body of Miss Isabel Pierce, who was drowned about ten days ago in Cueva Valdez. He is also supposed to have died there. As they rushed upon the beach they created considerable excitement among the campers.

The party returned last night after passing three days cruising around the island, personally conducted by Captain Ira K.

Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday

The boat will stay with them and they expect to be gone about ten days. These pigeons were sent to the island by the Independent, and for the purpose of having a daily communication with the numerous campers at Quava Val Des.

Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday

All is bustle in the camp this morning. They are wonderful in sopa.

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Next time I'll keep it for the fishing rod. The green bananas may ripen.

Anchorage girl at diablos on saturday

We declined and showered in fresh water. Eugene Sheffield and their little son returned home yesterday after a most delightful stay of ten days at Valdez Harbor, Santa Cruz Island.

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